BREO BOX at-a-glance

  • Industry: Lifestyle Subscription Box
  • In business since: 2016
  • Customer: 2019
  • Location: Detroit, MI

Services performed

  • Conversion Research
  • Conversion Optimized Redesign
  • Iterative A/B Testing
  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Klaviyo Implementation
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The Story A subscription box company with it’s eye on the prize.

Breo Box is a new subscription box company that has taken on a huge task: deliver premium tech and lifestyle goods on a consistent basis. Most companies would’ve tanked in this industry trying to supply new and great gear at a low cost consistently. But somehow Breo Box has triumphed over the last 2 years and their subscription base is growing month-over-month.

When 92DREAM came on board last summer, Breo was having serious conversion issues. Their website lacked direction and it didn’t compliment the beautiful box that Breo sends out quarterly. We knew that we needed to act fast to put Breo in a position to win. Especially before the holiday season!

And so we went to work…

The Transformation We ain’t afraid of no conversion

We buckled down and really got to the nitty-gritty of the issues that were plaguing the website. First, we conduct our research using the ADT Revenue Optimization Process. We surveyed their customers, got on the phone and interviewed them, and tracked user behavior using our favorite CRO tool HotJar.

Once we had all of our research gathered, we had a strong foundation to work off of. We knew who the customer was, what they were focused on, where they hung out, and how they engaged the current website. This was crucial for us to improve conversions.

The design process was so easy because we knew what we had to fix. Now it was up to 92DREAM to design and update their site from top to bottom. But as always we test every single change to the website. We really left nothing to chance.

Here is what the Breo transformation looks like

Transformation image

The Results A sigh of relief with boosted sales to match

Now that we’re 12 months in we can really see how our design changes have improved. Our A/B tests have a 73% win rate and we’ve truly changed the entire business year-over-year.

Take a look at the difference between May 2019 (before 92DREAM) and May 2020

Results image

The Testimonial

Make More Money!

Anthony and the 92DREAM Team have been HUGE assets to our growth at BREO BOX. Their knowledge in e-commerce and what makes the consumer go from prospect to buyer is bar none.

Highly recommended, at the very least let them do you the favor of a free audit so you see all the sales you might be missing out on.

Aleks StolveskiFounder, BREO BOX LLC

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