Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos at-a-glance

  • Industry: Hair care
  • In business since: 2009
  • Customer since: 2021
  • Location: Portland, ME

Services performed

  • Conversion Research
  • Conversion Optimized Redesign
  • Iterative A/B Testing
  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Klaviyo Implementation
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization
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The Story What was the problem?

Alanna is the founder of Controlled Chaos, an amazing hair product that lets your hair bounce and behave as it should. Alanna and her team’s main problem was that they were clueless about where to start in order to improve the website. Since Covid-19 hit, their business model changed drastically to eCommerce, so their main focus (as with most businesses at this time) was driving quality traffic and converting that traffic.

The conversion part is where we come in!

“I knew we had a low conversion rate, and I also knew we weren’t capable of doing anything about it. We make Curl Cream, lol. We really didn’t understand much about eComm until last year because that wasn’t our original business model.

Another big concern was spending money, again, with someone who didn’t do anything for our business (because we’ve been raked over the coals a few times in the past).  There are a lot of predators out there that that can tell by talking to someone like me that I don’t know what they know, and they can easily be misinformed and have ill intentions just to get paid to essentially do nothing” says Alanna.

The Transformation Alanna chose 92DREAM because...

“I like that I’m working with the owner of the company, and it’s a real business. It’s not an agency with less experienced people thrown in front of a computer to oversell and under-deliver.

And that’s what many of these do-the-same-thing types of companies are with their ‘angle’ and ‘area of expertise. Similar to the agency I worked with before. They just go in there and click on the keyboard and take your money with nothing really to show for. In the end, you realize that these companies are hurting your business instead of growing them.”

– Alanna York

Transformation image

The Results Detail & Consistency

“It’s all about the level of detail that 92DREAM puts in and their consistency. Customer service is excellent. The team even helped with some extra side projects that aren’t in their job description.

In the end, they made a promise to increase our conversions by 30%, and they did exactly what they said they would (and then some), which is rare.

We would most definitely recommend 92DREAM’s services, BUT I would never tell the competition, lol.” says Alanna.

Results image

The Testimonial

Just by working with 92DREAM, we learned a ton of great information about our website that we didn’t really know. We were clueless about most of what 92DREAM does until we sat down, and their team taught us what to look for, what’s suitable for our brand, and what’s not so good. They made it really easy to understand and not too intimidating at all.

We realized how time-consuming and really detail-oriented CRO research and optimization can be, and no business owner would ever have time to do that. You have to hire an expert to do what 92DREAM does because it is a full-time job, and we don’t have time to do it.

Alanna YorkFounder, Controlled Chaos LLC

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